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About Patrick Rouge

23 year old Patrick Rouge says he's living life after recently getting out of the Air Force. Anal play is what really turns him on, but he says he's versatile when it comes to sex. He's done work on some of our other sites, and now he's here on StrokeThatDick to do just that. So sit back, unzip and join Patrick Rouge as he gets himself there. Enjoy!


  1. Occupation: Living Life
  2. Sexual orientation: Gay
  3. Favorite position: Anal play
  4. Astrological sign: Pisces
  5. Age you lost your Virginity: 15
  6. Biggest Turn on: Tight ass
  7. Biggest Turn off: Out of shape
  8. Biggest Celebrity Crush: Mark Wahlberg
  9. Favorite food: Cobb Salad
  10. Best physical feature: Arms


  1. Age: 23
  2. Cock Length: 50"
  3. Cock Girth: 75"
  4. Cut or Uncut: Cut
  5. Hometown: Atlanta
  6. Height: 5'10"'
  7. Weight: 185
  8. Shoe Size: 10
  9. Waist size: 34
  10. Eye color: Brown